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Being experienced teachers, ourselves, we know how difficult it is to find relevant workbooks to create an effective learning atmosphere in an Engineering Graphics and Design classroom. We have been inspired to write these books and create the accompanying powerpoints because of a lack of relevant workbooks and visual aids.

Up to date, more than 700 institutions like schools, book shops, universities and learning facilities, in South Africa and Namibia, use our books and powerpoints. These include the three top academic schools in Gauteng, as well as some of the best schools in all nine provinces. (NCS and IEB Grade 10-12).

We constantly update our workbooks and powerpoint presentations to stay on top of the latest requirements of the current curriculum.

Workbooks start with grade 8 and include the basic exercises to teach and practise basic drawing skills. The exercises continue through the grade 9 workbook and the grade 10-12 books have more than sufficient exercises for students to practise and master required techniques and skills.

The powerpoint presentations consist of step-by-step explanations for every drawing in the workbook. The grade 8 - 12 presentations are available on-line. The workbooks, together with the powerpoint presentations, are affordable and easily obtainable.

JPEGD also provides posters (A3, A2, A1, A0) to assist teachers to create a learning environment in the classroom. The workbooks, powerpoint presentations and posters can assist every EGD teacher and help each learner to achieve the best results possible.

JPEGD offers the perfect way to make the drawing classroom a pleasant place to be.

Yours faithfully
Johan Grové & Pieter Fourie


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